Star Gallery founders, Amber and Anthony Freda

Our philosophy:

Star Gallery NYC will Not be showing work that is purposely dense or elitist.

We want to share the work we love and find compelling. We hope to give both established artists and talented newcomers a place to share their visions.

We will be showing work which falls into the categories of Pop-Surrealism, Lowbrow, Comix, and contemporary illustration, though will not be limited to these genres.

Movements like pop-surrealism are rebellions against the humourless, pretentious, nihilistic and cynically opaque work glorified by the art establishment.

We feel finding the perfect balance between mystery and clarity is our challenge as artists and curators.

Too much mystery and the work in inaccessible, too little and it becomes banal.

The worst of pop-surealism falls into the latter category and that is the pitfall.

We want to show work that embraces accessible imagery without sanctifying kitsch.